Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Compound


Whether you’re a professional detailer or a DIY enthusiast, Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done is the only product you need to take paint correction to the next level.

This professional polishing compound erases scratches, swirls and oxidation while giving dull paintwork a glassy polish, all using the same powerful formula. Just switch your cutting pad to adjust the intensity of this product from a heavy-duty compound to an ultra-fine polish.

Featuring aluminum oxide abrasives and precision platelet technology, 1 & Done smooths the deepest scrapes and imperfections while gliding gently over your clear coat to prevent further damage to your car wax.

The result is a flawless, eye-popping shine with minimal time and effort required.

  • Performs as a heavy-duty compound or a light polish depending on which pad you use.
  • Infused with aluminum oxide abrasives for up to 1000 grit cutting strength
  • Precision polishing platelets glide gently over your car exterior to prevent additional scratches and swirls
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Wash and dry your vehicle.


Add four dots of Pro 1 & Done Professional Polishing Compound to the appropriate cutting pad.


Massage product into a 2’ x 2’ panel using a handheld, dual action machine polisher. Work in a back-and-forth, cross-hatching motion, applying firm pressure to the surface of your car to remove all scratches, swirls and imperfections.


Continue working on one 2’ x 2’ section at a time until all defects have been removed.


Switch to a medium foam pad and buff all newly restored surfaces using the same cross-hatching motion to give your car a deep, flawless shine.


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